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Share about our products with your audience and getting paid form our side on every purchase done by them.

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate is a program where you get a part of the profit on every purchase done by others. All you have to do is join an affiliate program and share the referral link with your audience through any method. Each sale completed by link your share will be taken into your account in your personal affiliate area & will provide you revenue.

Who needs to be a part of affiliate program?

The affiliate program can join any person. It doesn’t matter that you are  a teacher, student or lawyer. you can promote links whenever you want. There are a lot of ways to promote any product, It’s your choice that which method you want to choose.

Why Affiliate?

Work from anywhere

Affiliate gives you an opportunity to work from anywhere from world, you don't need any office to work. In Affiliate you get flexible time and location, Just you need an Internet connection to connect with your audience.

No need any

Any one can become an affiliate marketer and start to earn money, you don't need any degree to start, Just you need dedication & commitment to learn and earn.

No need of inventory

If you want to start any physical business, you always need a place to keep your product safe, however affiliate is a way where you don't need an inventory because all these things your affiliate company would be managing for you.

Start with low

you have no need to invest a high amount of capital in it, you just need a small amount to start & with this amount you can start your own business.

Performance based

Affiliate is a performance-based work which means how well you would do this work in the same proportion you would get paid. It has no limit to earning.

How To Earn?


Share your favorite products with your MyShop link to share your wholesale discount with friends and family.


On your MyShop site, your friends and family can purchase their favorite products, and 4Life will fulfill and ship their orders.


Earn MyShop Rewards with purchases on your site. MyShop Rewards = savings on future product orders.***