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I am Bettina

My name is Bettina Mam and I am 65 years old, married since 36 years, grandmother of two grandsons. Ilan, nearly 6 years old and Milas 1 year old. My daughter Kathalina (32) lives in Soltau, as well as my son Fabian (33). He is married and an officer in the german army. The whole family is involved in playing golf with different handicaps. My son is a single handicaper and a part of the National German Military Golf Tea

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Want To Learn From Me?

As I was a teacher, I always encourage and help students to grow, So they can change their life with passion & enthusiasm.This nature of mine; to motivate people is a gift and I want to give it in a big way, at a big level. I love to help students, children, teachers, entrepreneurs and parents as well.

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This award was given to me in 2021 by “Nirvan Foundation” in the field of Education.

“Nirvan Foundation is an NGO working on various environmental issues such as solar energy awareness program, water conservation, renewable energy projects and Eco-tourism Camps. 

I am so glad and want to give thanks to “Nirvan foundation” for giving this Honor to me.