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4Life Transfer Factor Plus


Our ultimate immune system product that boosts Natural Killer cell activity and contains a proprietary mushroom blend and zinc to support the immune system*

Immune system support meets immune-boosting nutrition in 4Life’s premium and top-selling formula. 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula combines the power of Tri-Factor® Formula with a proprietary super-mushroom blend (shiitake, maitake, Agaricus, and cordyceps) and zinc to help your immune system more effectively recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats. Recent independent laboratory studies show that 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula bolsters Natural Killer (NK) cell activity in the presence of a health threat while activating a variety of other immune system cells, such as B cells, T cells, and macrophages.† Take two (2) capsules daily to nourish, educate, enhance, and balance your immune system.*


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